Documents Required


1.Application form & appraisal form as prescribed in our circular instructions.

2.Certified copy of admission letter issued by the college/university/ institute.

3.Certified copies of relevant past academic records, including mark sheets, examination/degree/ diploma certificates, etc.

4.Copies of prospectus, syllabus and full details of course of study along with details of tuition fee & other fees payable.

5.Testimonials from two professors/ teachers of the college/school last studied.

6. Copy of IT/WT assessment orders of the parent/grandparent/ guardian, if an assessee. If the student himself is an assessee, then copies of the latest IT/WT assessment order pertaining to his income/wealth.

7.Form 111 of the parent/guardian / grandparent/student. 8.Legal opinion and valuation report on the property offered as collateral security.

9.In the case of students going abroad, besides the above, copies of the Passport, Visa, details of scholarships/assistance if any and the necessary evidence of admission to the institution abroad, etc. to be obtained and verified with the originals.

10.Stamped forms:

a. F. No: 600 (A)- Demand Promissory Note

b. F.No.83 (R) - Letter of undertaking for repayment of instalment.

c. F. No. 451-Letter of authority.

d. F. No. 353- Educational term loan agreement (Stamped form) e. F.No.200 (R) - Letter of Guarantee (Stamped form). f. F.71 ? Memorandum of deposit of title deeds.