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Karnataka Bank is a major banking institution based in the coastal city of Mangaluru in Karnataka, India. The Reserve Bank of India has designated Karnataka Bank as an A1+-class scheduled commercial bank. The bank now has a national presence with a network of 700 branches and above 1100 ATM's across 21 states and two Union territories. It has over 6084 employees and 6.7 million customers, including farmers and artisans in villages and small towns throughout the country. Its shares are entirely privately owned by some 1,29,862 shareholders.




The primary objective of KBL Vidyanidhi is to provide financial support to aspiring students of Indian nationality for a variety of courses and degrees. Loans are available to both major (representing themselves) and minor students (represented by parents/guardians). The loan also covers a wide range of expenses and charges incurred by the student during his course at nominal interest charges and fees.

Rate of Interest

  • 1.The interest charges incurred on education loan differs on the basis of merit, gender of the applicant and the loan amount. The breakdown has been provided below for reference.
  • 2. 1.Normal Student
  • 3. 2.Meritorious Student
  • 4. 3.Normal Girl Student
  • 5. 4.Meritorious Girl Student
  • 6. Akin to its public sector counterparts, Karnataka bank follows the nomenclature of base rate linked system of computing the applicable interest rate on education loans. Therefore, there are two components, Base rate + Fixed Rate (Scheme).
  • 7. The applicable rates and fees are subject to periodic change based on market conditions and decision of the bank.



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Eligibility for Educational Loan


Any student, representing himself / herself if major, or a minor student represented by parent or guardian, of Indian nationality, who has secured admission to a professional / technical / other course, in India or abroad.


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