About the Bank


City Union Bank is an Indian bank. The Kumbakonam Bank Limited, as it was at first called, was incorporated as a limited company on 31 October 1904. The bank initially preferred the role of a regional bank in the Thanjavur District Tamil Nadu. City Union Bank has 426 computerized branches in India.




1) For payment of College / School/ Hostel Fees.| 2) For payment of Examination / Library / Laboratory Fees.| 3) For purchase of books/equipments/instruments.| 4) For payment of Caution Deposits (caution deposit not to exceed 10% of total tuition fees for the entire course)| 5) For making Travel Expenses / Passage Money for studies abroad.| 6) For purchasing inputs essential for completion of the course.| 7) Any other expenses required to complete the course like study tours, project work, thesis, etc.| 8) for purchase of computer / laptop of uniforms 10) Insurance premium for student borrower

Rate of Interest

  • 1.Upto Rs. 4 lakh:Male student-13.75%, Female student-13.25%
  • 2. Above Rs. 4 lakh:Male student-14.50%,female student-14.00%



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Eligibility for Educational Loan


1) Should be an Indian Resident.

2) Seured admission to Professional/Technical courses through Entrance Test/Selection Process and should produce proof.

3) Secured admission to Foreign University / Institutions and should produce proof.

4) No specific age restriction with regard to age of the student to be eligible for educational loan


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