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Education in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the educational hubs in India. It is also the home for several educational and research institutes. During the rule of Mummadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar, has introduced the western system of education. The top engineering colleges which include RV College of Engineering, PES University, Bangalore Institute of Technology, University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering and BMS College of Engineering and etc,. Below you can view the list of top 10 colleges in Bangalore and also in the streams of Arts and science, engineering, medical and management.

List of Colleges in Bangalore

SNo College Name
1 Alliance School of Business
2 Alliance College of Engineering and Design
3 Alliance School of Law
4 Alliance Ascent College
5 Department of Performing Arts
6 Amrita School of Arts & Sciences
7 Amrita School of Education
8 Amrita School of Engineering
9 Amrita School of Business
10 Azim Premji University
11 Administrative Management College
12 AET College
13 Abbas Khan College for Women
14 Abhyudaya degree college
15 Acharya Institute of Management and Science
16 Acharya Instiute of Graduate Studies
17 Acharya Patashala College of Arts and Science
18 Acharya Patashala College of Commerce
19 Acharyas Bangalore B School
20 Adarsh Institute of Management & Information Technology
21 Adithya Institue of Management Studies & Research
22 Advanced Management College
23 Akash International Business Management
24 Al-Ameen Arts, Science & Commerce College
25 Al-Ameen Institute Of Management Studies
26 Al-Ameen Institute of Information Sciences
27 Al-Mighty First Grade Evening College
28 Al-Mighty First Grade College
29 Anupama College of Management studies and Science
30 Army Institute of Fashion & Design
31 Army Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology
32 BEL First Grade College
33 B.E.T College of Management and Science
34 B.M.S. College for Women
35 Baldwin Methodist College
36 Baldwin Methodist Womens College
37 Bangalore City College
38 Bangalore Instiute of International Management
39 Bangalore Instiute of Management Studies
40 Basaveshwara College of Arts, Science & Commerce
41 BET Sadathunnisa Degree College
42 Bharatiya Samskriti Vidyapith Arts & Commerce College for Women
43 Brite Institute of Management & Science
44 Brindavan College of MBA / MCA
45 Brindavan College of UG/PG
46 BSV Degree College
47 BTL Evening College
48 BTM First Grade College
49 Acharya Patashala Evening College of Arts and Commerce
50 Aishwarya First Grade College
51 AJ Institute of Management Studies
52 Al-Mighty First Grade College
53 Amaravathi School of Business
54 Amith First Grade Evening College
55 Apparals Designers Academy
56 B.G.S. Shilpa Kala College
57 Arunodaya Evening College
58 ASC Degree College
59 Aurunodaya College
60 AVK Institute of Management
61 B.M.S. Evening College of Arts & Commerce
62 B.T.L College
63 Baghirathi Bai Narayana Rao Mane College
64 Bangalore Management College
65 Bapu College of Management Studies
66 Bapu Degree College
67 Bapu Evening Degree College
68 Basaveshwara Degree College
69 BBAP First Grade College
70 BES College
71 Bharath Matha Womens College
72 Bharatiya Vidya Foundation College
73 Bishop Cotton Academy of Professional Management
74 Bishop Cotton Women College
75 BMA College of Arts, Science & Commerce
76 BNES College
77 Brilliant College
78 C.B. Bhandari Jain College for Women
79 Canara college
80 Cauvery First Grade College
81 Chamarajpet First Grade College
82 Chinmaya Institute of Management
83 Chinnamma Junjappa Reddy R.J.S College
84 Chitra Koot Institute of Information Sciences
85 Citycollege
86 CMR Center for Business Studies
87 Center for Media and Management studies
88 C N K Reddy College of Business Management
89 Colombia College
90 Community Institute of Commerce & Management Evening Degree College
91 Community Institute of Management Studies
92 Crescent First Grade College for Women
93 D.V.S. Shilpashree Degree Evening College
94 Darshan College of Commerce & Management
95 Darshan First Grade Evening College
96 Dayananda Sagar Business Academy
97 Dayananda Sagar College of Arts, Science &commerce College
98 Dayananda Sagar Evening College
99 Devanga Sangha First Grade College
100 Diamond College of Management and Science
101 Don Bosco College of Science & Management
102 Don Bosco institute of Bio Science & Management Studies
103 Dr. Ambedkar FGC, (Evening)
104 Dr. Ambedkar FGC
105 Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Management Studies
106 Dr. N.S.A.M First Grade College
107 Dr. S. Gopal raju Government First Grade College
108 Dr. S.R. Chandrashekar Institute of Speech and Hearing
109 East West College of Management
110 East West First Grade College of Science
111 Ebenezer College
112 Faith British Academy
113 Faran College of Management
114 FAS First Grade College
115 Federal College of Management
116 Florence Degree College
117 Full-in-Faws College
118 G.R. College of Arts, Science & Commerce
119 G.T. Institute Management Studies & Research
120 G.T. Institute of Advanced Studies
121 G.V.S College of Management Studies
122 Ganga Kaveri Institute of Science & Management
123 Garden City College of Science and Management College
124 Gateway College of Business Management
125 Global Institute for Corporate Education
126 Global Institute of Management Sciences
127 Goodwill Christain College for women
128 Goutham College of Science
129 Goutham Evening College
130 Government First Grade College
131 Green City Degree College
132 GRV Business Management Academy
133 Gupta college
134 Gurukrupa College of Management Studies
135 Harward Institute of Management & Science
136 Hasanath Academy of Management Studies
137 Hasnath College for Women
138 Hasnath College
139 Hasnath Evening College
140 Hillside Institute of Management
141 Hindustan Business School
142 Hira College of Commerce
143 HKBK Degree College
144 HKES Veerendrapatil Degree College
145 Institute of Business Management and Technology
146 IFIM College
147 IIFT College of Fashion
148 Imperial College of Business Studies
149 Indian Academy Degree College
150 Indian Academy Evening College
151 Indian Institute of Psychology & Research
152 Indiranagar Evening college
153 Indo Asian Academy Degree College
154 Indo Asian Academy Evening College
155 Indo Asian Women's Degree College
156 INIMS College
157 International Academy of Management & Entrepreneurship
158 International Institute of Business Studies
159 International School of Fashion Arts and Design
160 ISBR College
161 ITM-Business School
162 IZEE Business School
163 Jain College
164 Jain Evening College
165 Janatha First Grade College
166 Jindal First Grade College for Women
167 Jnanajyothi Degree College
168 Jnanajyothi Evening College
169 Jnanjyothi College of Business
170 Jubilee College
171 K.L.E Society S. Nijalingappa College
172 Kairalee Niketan Golden Jubilee Degree College
173 Kairali Niketan Degree College
174 Kamala College of Management, Studies
175 Kamala Nehru Evening College
176 Kanaka College of Management Studies and Science
177 Karnataka College of Management & Science
178 Karnataka College of Management
179 Kaveri First Grade College
180 Kempe Gowda Institute of Management Studies & Research
181 Kempe Gowda Institute of Management Studies & Research Evening College
182 Kengeri First Grade College
183 Kensri College
184 Keshava College of Dance & Music
185 KLE Society's Degree College
186 KNN Centre for Business studies
187 Koshys Inst. Of Management Studies
188 Krupanidhi Degree College
189 Kuvempu Evening Degree College
190 Kuvempu First Grade College
191 Lal Bahadur Shastri Government First Grade College
192 LORAA Business Academy
193 Lorven Education Centre
194 Lorven International Institute of Management studies
195 Lowry Memorial College
196 M Basavaiah Institute of Management Studies
197 M.E.S College of Arts, Science & Commerce
198 M.E.S College
199 M.M. Evening College of Commerce
200 M.N. Degree College
201 M.S. Ramaiah College of Hotel Management
202 M.S. Ramaiah FGC
203 Maharani Arts, Commerce & Management College for Women
204 Maharani Lakshmi Ammani Womens College
205 Maharani Science College for Women
206 Malleshwaram Ladies Association FGC
207 Mariyappa Evening College
208 Mariyappa First Grade College
209 MES Instiute of Management
210 MET Academy of Management Science
211 MET Degree Evening College
212 MEWA Degree College
213 Miranda Institute of Management
214 MLA Academy of Higher Learning
215 Sampurna Montfort College
216 MP Birla Institute of Management
217 MQI Degree College
218 Nagarjuna College of Commerce & Management Studies
219 NAISH College
220 Natya Institute of Kathak and Choreography
221 Navya College of Management & Science
222 New Horizon College
223 Nisarga Degree Evening College
224 Noble Evening College
225 Noble Institute of Business Excellence
226 Noble School of Business
227 NRI Institute
228 Om Prabha FGC Womens College
229 Om Prabha First Grade Evening College
230 Osteen College
231 Oxbridge Business School
232 Oxbridge College of Science & Commerce
233 Oxford Degree College
234 P.E.S College
235 P.E.S. Degree College
236 P.E.S. Evening College,
237 P.S.E. College
238 P.V.P. First Grade Evening College
239 Padma College of Management & Science
240 Padmashree Institute of Management & Sciences
241 Panchajanya Vidhya Peetha Degree College
242 Panchasheela Degree College
243 Patel Evening College
244 Patel Institute of Science & Management
245 Pinnacle Institute of Management & Science
246 Pragathi First Grade College
247 Presidency College
248 Pride Degree College
249 Pushpagiri College of Management & Sciences
250 R.J.S. Evening College
251 R.N. Shetty First Grade College
252 R.R. Institute of Advanced Studies
253 R.S. College of Management And Science
254 R.V.V. College of Commerce & Business Management
255 Radiance College
256 Rajajinagar First Grade College
257 Rajajinagar Parents Association FGC
258 Ramanashree Academy of Management
259 Ranjani College of Performing Arts
260 RBANMS Evening College
261 RBANMS First Grade College
262 Reddy Jansangha FGC
263 Regional Institute of Co-operative Management
264 Reva First Grade College
265 Reva First Grade Evening College
266 Reva Institute of Management Studies
267 Reva Institute of Science & Management
268 RJS Institute of Management Studies
269 RV Institute of Management
270 S.B. College of Management Studies
271 S.E.A College of Arts, Science & Commerce
272 S.J.E.S College of Hotel Management
273 S.L.N College of Arts and Commerce
274 S.V.R. College of Commerce & Management Studies
275 S.V.R. Evening College
276 Sacred Hearts Girls First Grade College
277 Sambram Academy of Management Studies
278 Samvad College of Speech & Hearing
279 Sardar Vallabai Patel First Grade College
280 Sarvodaya FGC
281 SEA Evening Degree College
282 SFS Evening College
283 Shakuntala Devi International Institute of Management Science
284 ShantiniKetan College
285 Shanti Dhama College
286 Sharada Vikas Institute of Management Studies
287 Sha-Shib College
288 Sheshadhripuram First Grade College
289 Sheshadhripuram Institute of Management studies
290 Sheshadripuram Arts, Science & Commerce
291 Sheshadripuram Commerce College
292 Sheshadripuram Evening College
293 Sheshadripuram Institute of Commerce & Management
294 Sheshdripuram Academy of Busienss Study
295 SHL Degree Evening College
296 Shri Bhaghavan Mahaveer Jain Evening College
297 Shri Sharada First Grade College
298 Shushruti Institute of Business Management
299 Sidvin School of Business Management
300 SIET College
301 Silicon City College of Management & Commerce
302 Silicon City College
303 Sindhi College of Commerce
304 Sir M.Vishveshwaraiah FGC for Women
305 Sitadevi Ratan Chand Nahar Adarsh College
306 Sitadevi Ratan Chand Nahar Adarsh Evening College
307 SJB College of Management Studies
308 SJR Women College
309 SJRC Arts, Science and Commerce College
310 Smt. Gangamma Hombegowda FGC
311 Smt. Kamala Bai Degree College
312 Smt. Mehra's College of Management Studies & Science
313 Smt. Nalini Raghunath Rao Degree College
314 Smt. VHD Central Institute of Home Science
315 Soundarya Institute of Management & Science
316 Spurthy College of Science & Management Studies
317 Sree Omkar College of Commerce & Management
318 Sri Adi Chunchanagiri College of Business Management
319 Sri Aurbindo FGC for Women
320 Sree Cauvery Management College
321 Sri Jagadguru Panditharadhya Arts College
322 Sri Krishna Degree College
323 Sri Mangilal Sundar Bai Gotawat Jain College of Arts & Commerce
324 Sri Sadguru Sainath Degree College
325 Sri Sai College for Women
326 Sri Sharada First Grade Womens College
327 Sri Vardhaman Mahaveer Jain Evening College
328 Sri Venkat First Grade Evening College
329 Sri Venkateshwara College of Science & Management Studies
330 Sri Venkateshwara First Grade College
331 Sri. Sai Sathyanarayana College
332 SRUSHTI College
333 SSMRV College
334 SSR College of Science & Commerce
335 SSR College of Science & Management Studies
336 St. Aloysius Degree College
337 St. Anne's Evening College
338 St. Annes FGC for Women
339 St. Claret College
340 St. Francis De Sales College
341 St. George College of Management
342 St. Hopkin's College
343 St. Mary's College
344 St. Vincent Pallotti College
345 St.Ann's Women's College
346 Surana College
347 Surana Evening College of Commerce & Management
348 SVC First Grade College
349 Swamy Vivekananda Rural FGC
350 T John Institute of Management and Science
351 T. John College
352 Teachers Academy Degree College
353 The Bangalore Social & Educational Institute of Management Studies
354 The East Point College of Higher Education
355 The Oxford College of Arts
356 The Oxford College of Business Management
357 The Oxford College of Hotel Management
358 The Oxford College of Science
359 Tirumala College of Commerce & Business Management
360 United Mission Degree College
361 Universal College of Commerce
362 Universal College of Computer Application
363 V.E.T First Grade College
364 V.V Puram Arts and Commerce college
365 V.V Puram Evening College of Arts&Commerce
366 V.V Puram Science College
367 V.V.N Degree College
368 Vasavi Jnanapeetha FGC( Evening)
369 Vasavi Institute of Management & Advanced Studies
370 Vasavi Jnanapeeta First Grade College
371 Vasavi Vidyaniketana Evening College
372 VEIT Degree College
373 Vidhya Vahini First Grade College
374 Vidhya Vardhaka Sangha FGC for women
375 Vidya Sanskar Instiute of Science, Commerce & Management
376 Vijaya College
377 Vijaya Evening College
378 Vishwa Chethana Degree College
379 Vision Business Academy
380 Vivekananda Degree College
381 Vivekananda Degree College for Women
382 Vivekananda Evening College of Arts & Commerce
383 Vivekananda Institute of Management
384 VJR College
385 Westline College of Commerce ,Management & Science
386 Williams International College
387 Yadava Degree College
388 Christ University - Engineering
389 Christ University - Law
390 Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing
391 M. S. Ramaiah Medical College
392 National Law school of India University
393 Rai Technology University - School of Agricultural Sciences and Forestry
394 Rai Technology University - School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
395 Rai Technology University - School of Arts and Management Sciences
396 College of Agriculture - Bangalore
397 AECS Maaruti College of Nursing
398 AECS Maaruti College of Dental sciences & Research Center
399 A.J college of nursing
400 AVK College of Nursing
401 Abhaya college of nursing
402 Acharya and B.M. Reddy college of Pharmacy
403 Aditya Bangalore Institute for Pharmacy Education and Research - ABIPER
404 Adventist College of Nursing
405 Ambigara Chowdaiah College of Nursing
406 Atreya Ayurvedic Medical College
407 B.M.S Hospital Nursing College
408 Bangalore city college of B.A.M.S
409 Bangalore City College of Nursing
410 Bangalore City International College of Nursing
411 Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute
412 Bhuvan Institute of Nursing Sciences
413 Brite school of Nursing
414 C.N.K Reddy College of Pharmacy
415 Chinai College of Nursing
416 Christian College
417 Colaco Academy of Paramedical Sciences
418 Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Medical College
419 Mathrushri Ramabai Ambedkar Dental College and Hospital
420 Dr.Syamala Reddy Dental College and Research Centre
421 Eben-Ezer College of Nursing
422 Father Mathews College of Nursing
423 Florence College of Nursing
424 Frank college of Nursing
425 G.R.R college of Nursing
426 Gautham College of Pharmacy
427 Goldfinch college of Nursing
428 Gouthami college of Nursing
429 Government college of Pharmacy
430 Government Dental College and Research Institute(GDCRI)
431 Government Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital
432 Government Unani Medical College
433 Hillside Nursing College
434 Indian Academy College of Nursing
435 Indian Institute of Nursing
436 J.P. School of Nursing
437 Jindal Post Graduate Institute of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences
438 KLE Society?s Institute of Dental Sciences
439 K.R. Institute of Nursing
440 K.G.T. College of Physiotherapy
441 Kala niketan College of Nursing
442 Kamala Institute of Nursing (Kamala College of Nursing)
443 M.S. Ramaiah College of Pharmacy
444 M.S. Ramaiah Dental College (Faculty of Dental Sciences)
445 M.S.Ramaiah Insitute of Nursing Education and Research
446 Mallige College of Pharmacy
447 Mallige Institute of Nursing
448 Matru School & College of Nursing
449 Narayana Hrudayalaya college of Nursing
450 Nargund College of Physiotherapy
451 National School of Nursing
452 Noor School and College of Nursing
453 Oriental College of Nursing
454 Oxford Medical College Hospital and Research centre
455 PR College of Nursing
456 Padmashree College of Hospital Administration
457 Padmashree College of Nursing
458 Padmashree Institute of Clinical Research
459 Padmashree Institute of Medical Laboratory Technology
460 Padmashree Institute of Nursing
461 Padmashree School of Public Health
462 Pragathi College and Institute of Nursing
463 Prajwal College of Nursing
464 Presidency College and School of Nursing
465 Quality Health Care College of Nursing
466 R.R. College of Pharmacy
467 R.R. Nursing Institutions (R.R. School of Nursing)
468 R.V. College of Nursing
469 R.V. College of Physiotherapy
470 RajaRajeshwari Dental College and Hospital
471 RajaRajeshwari College of Nursing
472 Rajarajeswari College of Physiotherapy
473 Rajarajeswari Medical College and hospital
474 Raman College of Pharmacy (RCP)
475 Ranebennur College of Nursing
476 RL Abhishek Rao College of Nursing
477 Roohi College and School of Nursing
478 Rural College of Pharmacy
479 S.B. College of Nursing
480 S.B. School of Nursing
481 S.B.D. Institute of Pharmacy
482 S.C.T College of Nursing
483 S.E.A College of Nursing
484 S.G.Education Trust's G.M. College of Pharmacy(SGETGMCOP)
485 S.G.R. College of Physiotherapy
486 S.V.N. College of Nursing
487 Sambhram College and Institute of Nursing
488 Sambhram College of Nursing
489 Sambhram Institute of Medical Sciences and Research
490 Sapthagiri Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre
491 Sapthagiri School of Nursing
492 Sarojini College of Nursing
493 Sarvodaya College of Nursing
494 seshaiah College of Nursing
495 Shantidhama school and College of Nursing
496 Sharadadevi College of Nursing
497 Sekhar College of Nursing
498 Shri Sharada Nursing College
499 Shushruti College of Nursing
500 Smt. Lakshmi Devi College of Nursing
501 Smt. M.C.Vasantha College of Nursing
502 Smt. Nagarathnamma College of Nursing
503 Sri Basavaraja Swamy College of Nursing
504 Sri Kalabyraveshwara Swamy College of Nursing
505 Sri Rajiv Gandhi College of Dental Sciences and Hospital
506 Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences
507 Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science and Research
508 Sri Venkateshwara Dental College and Hospital
509 St.John's College of Nursing
510 Vijayanagar College of Nursing
511 Vijayanagar School of Nursing
512 Visveswarapura Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
513 Viswa Sai College of Nursing
514 Vokkaligara Sangha Dental College and Hospital
515 Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre
516 Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre - Dental
517 Vydehi Institute of Nursing Sciences and Research Centre
518 Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre - Paramedical
519 C.M.S. Business School
520 Centre For Management Studies
521 National Institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology (NIANP)
522 Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College
523 Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College - Evening

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SNo Stream Name
1 Arts and science Colleges in Bangalore
2 Engineering Colleges in Bangalore
3 Nursing Colleges in Bangalore
4 Ayurveda Colleges in Bangalore
5 Pharmacy Colleges in Bangalore
6 Physiotherapy Colleges in Bangalore
7 Catering & Hotel Management Colleges in Bangalore
8 Homeopathy Colleges in Bangalore
9 Dental Colleges in Bangalore
10 Management Colleges in Bangalore
11 Medical Colleges in Bangalore
12 Teacher Education Colleges in Bangalore
13 Agricultural Colleges in Bangalore
14 Commerce Colleges in Bangalore
15 Fashion Designing colleges in Bangalore
16 Law Colleges in Bangalore
17 Special Educational Colleges in Bangalore
18 Dance Colleges in Bangalore
19 Design and Manufacturing colleges in Bangalore
20 Yoga Colleges in Bangalore
21 Paramedical Colleges in Bangalore
22 Hospital Administration Colleges in Bangalore
23 Clinical Research Colleges in Bangalore
24 Research Institute in Bangalore
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