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1 List of Arts and science Colleges in Bangalore
2 List of Engineering Colleges in Bangalore
3 List of Nursing Colleges in Bangalore
4 List of Occupational Therapy Colleges in Bangalore
5 List of Ayurveda Colleges in Bangalore
6 List of Pharmacy Colleges in Bangalore
7 List of Physiotherapy Colleges in Bangalore
8 List of Catering & Hotel Management Colleges in Bangalore
9 List of Homeopathy Colleges in Bangalore
10 List of Polytechnic Colleges in Bangalore
11 List of Dental Colleges in Bangalore
12 List of Management Colleges in Bangalore
13 List of Siddha Colleges in Bangalore
14 List of Medical Colleges in Bangalore
15 List of Teacher Education Colleges in Bangalore
16 List of Agricultural Colleges in Bangalore
17 List of Animation and Multimedia Colleges in Bangalore
18 List of Architecture Colleges in Bangalore
19 List of Commerce Colleges in Bangalore
20 List of Fashion Designing colleges in Bangalore
21 List of Interior Designing Colleges in Bangalore
22 List of Law Colleges in Bangalore
23 List of Mass Communication Colleges in Bangalore
24 List of Music colleges in Bangalore
25 List of Theological Colleges in Bangalore
26 List of Special Educational Colleges in Bangalore
27 List of Veterinary Colleges in Bangalore
28 List of Physical Education colleges in Bangalore
29 List of Shipping colleges in Bangalore
30 List of Film Institute in Bangalore
31 List of Social Work Colleges in Bangalore
32 List of Dance Colleges in Bangalore
33 List of Design and Manufacturing colleges in Bangalore
34 List of Yoga Colleges in Bangalore
35 List of Paramedical Colleges in Bangalore
36 List of Naturopathy Colleges in Bangalore
37 List of Hospital Administration Colleges in Bangalore
38 List of Clinical Research Colleges in Bangalore
39 List of Research Institute in Bangalore
40 List of Career Education Colleges in Bangalore
41 List of Media Institutes in Bangalore
42 List of Development Studies in Bangalore
43 List of Gemological Institutes in Bangalore
44 List of Flight and Aviation Colleges in Bangalore
45 List of Photography Colleges in Bangalore
46 List of Financial Markets colleges in Bangalore
47 List of Fisheries Colleges in Bangalore
48 List of Journalism Colleges in Bangalore
49 List of Hospitality and management in Bangalore
50 List of Designing colleges in Bangalore
51 List of Distance Education Colleges in Bangalore
52 List of Computer education Colleges in Bangalore
53 List of PostGraduate Colleges in Bangalore
54 List of Health Science Colleges in Bangalore
55 List of Aviation colleges in Bangalore
56 List of Acting Colleges in Bangalore
57 List of Tourism and Hospitality Management in Bangalore
58 List of Art and Craft colleges in Bangalore
59 List of Vocational studies in Bangalore
60 List of Economics college in Bangalore
61 List of Archaeology colleges in Bangalore
62 List of Astrology colleges in Bangalore
63 List of Guitar colleges in Bangalore
64 List of Forensic colleges in Bangalore
65 List of Arts and Draftsmanship Colleges in Bangalore
66 List of Culture Colleges in Bangalore
67 List of Jewellery Education Colleges in Bangalore
68 List of Music & Dance College in Bangalore
69 List of Nutrition College in Bangalore
70 List of Life Science colleges in Bangalore
71 List of Technical Teacher Training Colleges in Bangalore
72 List of Fingerprinting and Diagnostics in Bangalore
73 List of Information Technology Colleges in Bangalore
74 List of Animal and Fishery Sciences College in Bangalore
75 List of Aviation and Hospitality Management college in Bangalore
76 List of Home Science Colleges in Bangalore
77 List of Fine Arts and Music Colleges in Bangalore
Colleges in Bangalore:

Bangalore is officially called as Bengaluru. It is the capital city of Karnataka. It is the second fastest growing major metropolis in India. It is the coolest city in India. It has a good climate until the end of the year. And also well developed city.

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Courses in Bangalore:
Course Extension Course Name
B.Sc Visual Communication
B.Sc Electronic Media
B.A Journalism
B.Sc Computer Science
B.Sc Mathematics Accounting and Finance Marketing Management Corporate Secretaryship
BBA Bachelor of Business Administration
B.Sc Food Science and Management
B.A Sociology
MA Communication
MA Media Management
MA Broadcast Communication
M.SC Information Technology
MBA Master of Business Administration Master of Commerce
M.SC Food Technology and Management Bachelor of Commerce(Honours)
MA Human Resource Management Bachelor of Commerce
B.A English Literature
B.A Hindi Literature
B.A History
B.A Malayalam Literature
B.A Political Science
B.A Tamil Literature
B.A Urdu Literature
B.A Economics
B.Sc Advanced Zoology & Advanced Bio-Technology
BCA Bachelor of Computer Applications
B.Sc Chemistry
B.Sc Geography
B.Sc Geology
B.Sc Physics
B.Sc Psychology
B.Sc Statistics
M.SC Zoology
B.Sc Plant Biology & Plant BioTechnology
MA English Literature
M.SC Applied Microbiology
MA Telugu Literature
MA Tamil Literature
MA Sanskrit Literature
MA History
MA Economics
M.PHIL Political Science
M.SC Chemistry
M.SC Geography
M.SC Geology
M.SC Mathematics
M.SC Physics
M.SC Psychology
M.SC Statistics
M.SC Plant Biology & Plant BioTechnology
MA Public Administration Mathematics
MCA Master of Computer Applications
M.PHIL English
M.PHIL Commerce
M.PHIL Mathematics
M.PHIL History
B.Sc Biochemistry
B.A Music
B.A Sanskrit
B.A Tamil
B.A Telugu
B.Sc Tourism and Travel Management
B.Sc Home Science
B.Sc Physical Education
B.Sc Zoology
MA English
MA Music
M.PHIL Music
Ph.D Music
M.PHIL Chemistry
Ph.D Chemistry
MA Sociology
M.PHIL Sociology
Ph.D Sociology
M.SC Computer Science
MA Tamil
M.PHIL Tamil
Ph.D Tamil
M.SC Geography and Tourism Administration
M.PHIL Geography
Ph.D Geography
M.SC Home science Emerging Technology Food service management and Dietetics
M.SC Food and Nutrition
M.PHIL Home Science
Ph.D Mathematics
M.PHIL Physics
Ph.D Physics
M.PHIL Zoology
Ph.D Zoology
B.Sc Botany
B.A Historical Studies
B.A English
B.Sc Advanced Zoology and Bio Technology
MA Historical Studies
MA Business Economics
MA Tamizhial
M.SC Applied Geography
M.SC BioChemistry
M.SC Botany
M.PHIL BioChemistry
Ph.D English
Ph.D BioChemistry
Ph.D Botany
BBA Finance Management
B.A Defense Studies
B.Sc Nutrition and diets
B.Sc Plant Biology and Plant BioTechnology
M.PHIL Computer Science
Ph.D Computer Science
Ph.D Commerce
B.A Business Economics
M.PHIL Economics
Ph.D Economics
B.A English and Communication Skills
M.PHIL English Literature
Ph.D History Corporate Secretaryship
M.PHIL Corporate Secretaryship
B.Sc Nutrition,FSM and Dietetics
B.Sc Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics
M.PHIL Food and Nutrition
B.Sc Plant Biology and Plant Bio Technology
M.SC Plant Biology and Plant Bio Technology
M.PHIL Plant Biology and Plant Bio Technology
MA Human Rights and Duties Education Bank Management
B.Sc Microbiology
B.A French Literature
BMM Multimedia and Animation
MA Social Work
MA Applied History
MA Media Arts
MA Philosophy
MCA Master of Computer Applicatrions
M.SC Biotechnology
M.SC Food Chemistry and Food Processing
M.SC Medical Lab Technology
M.SC Visual Communication
M.PHIL Social Work
M.PHIL Statistics
Ph.D Social Work
Ph.D Plant Biology and Plant BioTechnology
Ph.D Statistics
Ph.D Entomology
B.A History Studies
B.A Philosophy
MA Sanskrit
M.PHIL Sanskrit
M.PHIL Master of Philosophy
M.PHIL Botany
Ph.D Sanskrit
Ph.D Philosophy
B.A Arabic
MA Arabic
M.PHIL Arabic
Ph.D Arabic
Ph.D Corporate Secretaryship
B.Sc Bio Technology Information System Management
M.SC Bio Technology
Certificate Computer Assembling and Servicing
Certificate Quantitative methods and Computer Applications
Certificate Clinical Laboratory Technology
DIPLOMA Clinical Laboratory Technology
Advanced Diploma Clinical Laboratory Technology
BSW Bachelor of Social Work
M.S.W Master of Social Work
MA Human Resources Management
MA Human Resource and OD
PGD PG Diploma in HR & IR
M.SC Counselling Psychology
MA Development Management
M.PHIL Psychology
B.A Defence Studies and Strategic Studies
Ph.D Defence Studies
M.PHIL Defence Studies
B.Sc Information System Management Computer Applications
B.A Police Administration Business Economics,Indian Economy (C.S) Managerial Economics,International Trade
M.SC Electronic media Accounts and Finance Accounts and Finance Banking Management
PGD PG Diploma in Jainology Charter Accounts
B.Sc Biotechnology
M.SC BioInformatics
Industrial Design in Ceramic
Industrial Design in Textile
Visual Communication Design
Print Making
Post Graduate - Painting
Post Graduate - Visual Communication Design
Post Graduate - Industrial Design in Ceramic
Post Graduate - Industrial Design in Textile
Post Graduate - Sculpture
B.A Afsal-ul-ulama
B.A Hindi
Foundation course Sanskrit Prak-Siromani
B.A Sanskrit Siromani Madhyama
MA Sanskrit Siromani
Certificate Courses Sanskrit
DIPLOMA Sanskrit
B.E. Computer Science and Engineering
B.E. Electronics and Communication engineering
B.E. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
B.Tech Information Technology
B.E. Mechanical Engineering
B.E. Civil Engineering
B.ARCH Bachelor of Architecture
M.ARCH Master of Architecture
M.ARCH Real Estate Development
MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
B.Pharm Bachelor of pharmacy
B.Sc Basic - Bachelor of Nursing
B.Sc Post - Bachelor of Nursing
B.P.T Bachelor of Physiotherapy
DIPLOMA Post Graduate - Diploma in Gynaecology & Obstetrics - D.G.O.
DIPLOMA Post Graduate - Diploma in Child Health
DIPLOMA Post Graduate - Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology - D.L.O.
DIPLOMA Post Graduate - Diploma in Medical Radio Diagnosis - DMRD
DIPLOMA Post Graduate - Diploma in Radiology Therapy (D.M.R.T.)
DIPLOMA Post Graduate - Diploma in Anaesthesiology
DIPLOMA Post Graduate - Diploma in Orthopaedics - D.Ortho.
DIPLOMA Post Graduate - Diploma in Dermatology, Venerology & Leprosy - D.D.V.L.
DIPLOMA Post Graduate - Diploma in Ophthalmology
DIPLOMA Post Graduate - Diploma in Tuberculosis & Respiratory Diseases (D.T.R.D.)
DIPLOMA Post Graduate - Diploma in Psychiatric Medicine (D.P.M.)
DIPLOMA Post Graduate - Diploma in Clinical Pathology - D.C.P.
DIPLOMA Post Graduate - Diploma in Public Health - D.P.H.
DIPLOMA Post Graduate - Diploma in Physical Medicine (D.Phy.M.)
DIPLOMA Post Graduate - Diploma in Diabetology (D.Diab.)
MD General Medicine
MD Anaesthesiology
MD Biochemistry
MD Dermatology, Venereology & Leprology
MD Forensic Medicine
MD Community Medicine
MD Geriatric Medicine
MD Microbiology
MD paediatrics
MD Pathology
MD Pharmacology
MD Physiology
MD Psychiatric Medicine
MD Radiodiagnosis
MD Radiotherapy
MD Tuberculosis and Chest Disease
MS Anatomy
MS General Surgery
MS Ophthalmology
MS Orthopaedics
M.Pharm Master of Pharmacy
M.SC Nursing
D.M Neurology
D.M Cardiology
D.M Medical Oncology
D.M Rheumatology
D.M Gastroenterology
D.M Nephrology
D.M Clinical Haematology
M.Ch Cardiao Thoracic Surgery
M.Ch Neurosurgery
PGDCR Genito Urinary Surgery
M.Ch Paediatric Surgery
M.Ch Plastic Surgery
PGDCR Surgical Gastroenterology
M.Ch Vascular Surgery
M.Ch Endocrine Surgery
B.Sc Nursing
B.O.T Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
M.P.T Master of Physiotherapy
MD Maruthuvam
MD Gunapadam
MD Sirappu Maruthuvam
MD Kuzhandai Maruthuvam
MD Noi Nadal
MD Nanju Noolum Maruthuva Needhi Noolum
Ph.D Maruthuvam
Ph.D Gunapadam
Ph.D Sirappu Maruthuvam
Ph.D Kuzhandai Maruthuvam
Ph.D Noi Nadal
Ph.D Nanju Noolum Maruthuva Needhi Noolum
M.Pharm Pharmaceutical Chemistry
M.Pharm Pharmaceutics
M.Pharm Pharmacognosy
B.S.M.S Bachelor of Siddha Medicine and Surgery
Certificate Courses Laboratory Technician
Certificate Courses Lab Assistant
DIPLOMA Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT)
B.H.M.S Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine & surgery
DIPLOMA Pharmacy
PHARM D Doctor of Pharmacy
BDS Bachelor of Dental surgery
M.D.S Master of Dental Surgery
DIPLOMA General Nursing and Midwifery (G.N.M.)
B.A.S.L.P Bachelor in Audiology and speech Language Pathology
M.A.S.L.P Master in Audiology and speech Language Pathology
DIPLOMA Post Graduate - Diploma in Auditory habilitation
B.Sc Bachelor of Optometry
DIPLOMA Diploma in Ophthalmic Assistance (DOA)
DIPLOMA Ophthalmic Techniques
Certificate Courses Ophthalmic Assistance
Certificate Courses Ophthalmic Techniques
Ph.D Otorhinolaryngology
Ph.D Audiology
Ph.D Speech & Language Pathology
B.Sc Fellowship in Pediatric Hematology/ Oncology
D.N.B Pediatrics
B.Sc Fellowship in Pediatric Emergency Medicine
D.N.B Pediatric Surgery
D.N.B Neonatology
B.Sc Fellowship in Pediatric Intensive Care
BBM Bachelor of Business Management
MIB Master of International Business
MFA Master of Finance and Accounting
B.A Optional English
B.A Psychology
B.A Dance
B.A Drama and Music
B.A Drama and Dramatics
B.A Bachelor of Arts
B.Sc Bachelor of science
DIPLOMA Co-operative Management
DIPLOMA Co-operative Marketing Management
DIPLOMA urban Co-operative Banking Management
B.A Tourism
B.A Kannada
B.A Rural Development
B.Sc Fashion and Apparel Design
PGDBA Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration
PGDHRM Post Graduate - Diploma in Human Resource Management Tourism
B.Sc Electronics
P.B.B.Sc Post Basic Bachelor of Science in Nursing
DIPLOMA General Nursing and Midwifery
P.C.B.Sc Post Certificate Bachelor of Science in Nursing
PHARM D Doctor of Pharmacy (Post Baccalaureate)
M.P.T Neurological and Psychosomatic disorders
M.P.T MusculoSkeletal disorders & Sports physiotherapy
M.P.T Cardio-respiratory disorders & intensive care
M.P.T Community physiotherapy & Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)
M.P.T Paediatric Physiotherapy
M.SC Community Health Nursing
M.SC Obstetrics and Gynaecology Nursing
M.SC Pediatric Nursing
M.SC Psychiatric Nursing
M.SC Medical Surgical Nursing
MD Anatomy
MD Anaesthesia
MD Dermatology
MD Pediatrics
MD psychiatry
MD Respiratory Medicine
MS Obstetrics & Gynaecology
M.Ch Urology
M.Ch Pediatric Surgery
DIPLOMA Medical Lab Technology
DIPLOMA Operation Theatre Technology
DIPLOMA Medical X-ray Technology
DIPLOMA Health Inspector
DIPLOMA Ophthalmic Technology
DIPLOMA Medical Record Technology
Ph.D Physiology
B.Sc Fellowship in ENT
B.Sc Fellowship in Paediatric
M.SC Child Health Nursing
M.SC Obstacle and Gynecological Nursing
D.N.B Cardiology
D.N.B Cardiac Surgery
D.N.B Neuro Surgery
D.N.B Anesthesiology
D.N.B Radiology
B.Sc Fellowship in Interventional Cardiology
Fellowship Critical Care Medicine
B.Sc Fellowship in Cardiac Anaesthesia
B.Sc Allied Health Sciences
B.A.M.S Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & surgery
Ph.D Pharmacy
M.Pharm Pharmacology
M.Pharm Pharmacy Practice
M.D.S Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics
M.D.S Oral & Maxillofacial surgery
M.D.S Oral Medicine and Radiology
M.D.S Oral Pathology
M.D.S Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics
M.D.S Orthodontics
M.D.S Periodontics & Preventive Dentistry
M.D.S Periodontics
M.D.S Prosthodontics
M.D.S Public Health Dentistry
Ph.D Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics
Ph.D Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Ph.D Orthodontics
Certificate Oral Implantology
B.Sc Perfusion Technology
B.Sc Cardiac Care Technology
B.Sc Anaesthesia Technology
B.Sc Operation Theatre Technology
B.Sc Renal Dialysis Technology
B.Sc Imaging Technology
M.SC Psycho Social Rehabilitation
M.SC Radiation Physics
M.SC Echo Cardiography
B.A Journalism and Mass Communication
MA Journalism and Mass Communication
Ph.D Doctor of Philosophy
B.E. Biomedical Engineering
B.E. Mechanical and Automation Engineering
B.E. Mechatronics Engineering
B.Tech Chemical Engineering
M.E. Communication Systems
M.E. Computer Science and Engineering
M.E. Manufacturing Engineering
M.E. Power Electronics and Drives
M.E. Structural Engineering
M.E. Embedded system Technology
B.E. Marine Engineering
B.E. Aeronautical Engineering
B.E. Automobile Engineering
M.E. Computer Integrated Manufacturing
M.E. Energy Engineering
M.E. Engineering Design
M.E. Computer Networks
M.E. Software Engineering
M.E. Power System Engineering
M.E. Digital Signal Processing
M.E. Construction Engineering & Management
M.TECH Nano Technology
M.E. Biometrics and Cyber Security
M.E. Biomedical Engineering
Ph.D Mechanical Engineering
Ph.D Computer Science and Engineering
M.E. Applied Electronics
B.E. Electronics And Instrumentation Engineering
B.E. Information Technology
B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering
B.Tech Automobile Engineering
B.Tech Aerospace Engineering
B.Tech Biomedical Engineering
B.Tech Bioinformatics
B.Tech Civil Infrastruture Engineering
B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering
B.Tech Computer software and Engineering
B.Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering
B.Tech Electronics and communication Engineering
B.Tech Electronics and Control Engineering
B.Tech Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
B.Tech Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
B.Tech Food Processing and Engineering
B.Tech Genetic Engineering
B.Tech Industrial Biotechnology
B.Tech Instrumentation and Control Engineering
B.Tech Mechanical Engineering
B.Tech Mechatronics Engineering
B.Tech Nano Technology
B.Tech Production Engineering
M.TECH Advanced Programming Logic
M.TECH Applied Electronics
M.TECH Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
M.TECH Automobile Engineering
M.TECH Bioinformatics
M.TECH Biomedical Engineering
M.TECH Bioprocess
M.TECH Computer Aided Design
M.TECH Computer Integrated Manufacturing
M.TECH Communication Systems
M.TECH Computer Science and Engineering
M.TECH Construction Management
M.TECH Database Management
M.TECH Digital Communication and Networks
M.TECH Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
M.TECH Embedded Systems
M.TECH Environmental Engineering
M.TECH Genetic Engineering
M.TECH Geo Spatial Engineering
M.TECH Geo Technology
M.TECH Hardware Design
M.TECH High Voltage Engineering
M.TECH Hydrology and Water Resources
M.TECH Industrial Biotechnology
M.TECH Industrial Engineering
M.TECH Information Technology
M.TECH Instrumentation and Control Engineering
M.TECH Machine Design
M.TECH Manufacturing System Management
M.TECH Mechatronics
M.TECH Medical Electronics
M.TECH Power Electronics and Drives
M.TECH Power Systems
M.TECH Production Engineering
M.TECH Refrigeration and Air-conditioning
M.TECH Sensor Network Programming
M.TECH Software Engineering
M.TECH Structural Engineering
M.TECH System Software Engineering
M.TECH Thermal Engineering
M.TECH Urban Engineering
B.Sc Nutrition, Food Science Management & Dietetics
M.PHIL Historical Science
M.PHIL Plant Biology & Plant BioTechnology
Ph.D Historical Science
Ph.D Plant Biology & Plant BioTechnology
B.A Corporate Economics
M.SC Applied Psychology
M.SC Food Service Management & Dietetics
M.SC Computer Science & Technology
M.PHIL Food Service Management & Dietetics
Ph.D Psychology
Ph.D Home Science
Ph.D Biotechnology
M.PHIL Biotechnology
Certificate Courses DOEACC O-Level Certificate Course in Information Technology
Certificate Courses Kaizen Robotics Program (in collaboration with Lema Labs, IIT Madras)
Certificate Courses Standard Six-sigma Green Belt
Certificate Courses Clinical Lab Technology
Certificate Courses Mushroom Cultivation
Certificate Courses International Air Travel Management / Air Travel & e-Ticketing
Certificate Courses Bioinformatics and Metabolomics
Certificate Courses IT-Enabled Medical Services
Certificate Courses Recombinant DNA Technology & Protein Overexpression
Certificate Courses Medical Transcription
Certificate Courses Handwork and Block Printing
Certificate Courses Entrepreneurial Skills - Food Processing and Flower Arrangement
Certificate Courses Basics of Capital Markets
Certificate Courses Skills for Insurance
Certificate Courses Multi-Functional English Skills
Certificate Courses Theatre
B.A History and Tourism
BVA Bachelor of Visual Arts
Certificate Courses English Language and Life Skills
MA History of Fine Arts
MA International Studies
MA Public Relations
PGDCS Post Graduate - Diploma in Computer Science
M.PHIL Fine Arts
B.Sc Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics
B.Sc Interior Design & Decor
B.Sc Biochemistry with Vocational Biotechnology
B.A Tourism and Travel Management
B.Sc Electronics and Communication Science
M.SC Counselling and Guidance
M.SC Advanced Organizational Behaviour
M.SC Home Science
M.SC Textile Science and Fashion Designing
M.SC Child Development & Essentials of Nutrition
MA Corporate Economics
M.PHIL Applied Micro Biology
M.PHIL Applied Psychology
M.PHIL Textiles and Clothing
M.PHIL Human Development and Family Studies
Ph.D Environmental Sciences
Ph.D Aquatic Biology & Phsiology
Ph.D Environmental Biotechnology
Ph.D Human Science
B.Sc Mathematics with Computer Application
B.A Criminology
MA Journalism
M.PHIL Microbiology
M.PHIL Tamil Literature
M.SC Advanced zoology and Bio Technology
Ph.D Advanced zoology and Bio Technology
MA Tourism & Travel Management
M.PHIL Public Administration
M.PHIL Tourism & Travel Management
Ph.D Public Administration
M.SC Bioinformatics and Clinical Trial Management
BISM Bachelor of Information System Management
M.SC Interior Design & Decor
Certificate Courses Cutting & Tailoring
Certificate Courses Beauty Therapy and Health Care
Certificate Courses Jute Craft
Certificate Courses Assistant Cook (cooking & Baking)
Certificate Courses Hand Embroidery & Zardosi Works
Certificate Courses Herbal Products Making
Certificate Courses Fashion Jewellery Making
Certificate Courses Entrepreneurship Programme
Certificate Courses Cell Phone Repairing
B.Sc Software Applications
DIPLOMA Computer Assembling and Servicing
DIPLOMA Multimedia
DIPLOMA Computerized Accounting
DIPLOMA Ecommerce
PGD Developmental Therapy
PGD Special Education
MBA Marketing
MBA Finance
MBA Human Resource Management
Soft Skill Courses Language and Communication Skills
Soft Skill Courses Spoken and Presentation Skills
Soft Skill Courses Managerial Skills
Soft Skill Courses Computing Skills
B.E. Industrial Engineering
MS Master of Science
MD Dermatology and Veneriology
MD Gastroenterology
MD Cardiology
MD Leprosy
DIPLOMA Post Graduate Diploma in Obstetrics & Gynaecology
DIPLOMA Post Graduate Diploma in Anaesthesia
MD Obstetrics and Gynecology
M.Ch Surgical Oncology
M.SC Cardiac Sonography Technician
M.SC ECG/Treadmill
M.SC Emergency Care Technician
M.SC Respiratory Therapy Technician
M.SC Dialysis Technician
M.SC Anaesthesia Technician
M.SC Theatre Technician
M.SC Orthopaedic Technician
Certificate Courses Radiological Assistant
M.D.S Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology
M.D.S Dental Mechanic course
M.D.S Dental Hygienist Course
Ph.D Prosthodontics, Oral Medicine and Radiology
DIPLOMA Dental Hygiene
DIPLOMA Dental Mechanics
M.D.S Oral Pathology and Microbiology
M.D.S Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry
M.D.S periodontology
M.D.S Prosthodontics , Crown and Bridge
Ph.D Oral Pathology and Microbiology
M.Pharm Pharmaceutical Analysis
Ph.D Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Ph.D Pharmaceutics
Ph.D Pharmacology
B.Sc Fellowship Oncoradiology and Nuclear Medicine
B.Sc Radiptherapy Technology
B.Sc Nuclear Medicine Technology
D.N.B Ophthalmology
B.Sc Fellowship in General Ophthalmology
B.Sc Fellowship in Paediatric Ophthamology
B.Sc Fellowship in Cornea
B.Sc Fellowship in Uvea
B.Sc Fellowship in Oculoplastis
B.Sc Fellowship in Glaucoma
B.Sc Fellowship in Vitreoretinal
B.Sc Fellowship in Neuro-ophthalmology
B.Sc Fellowship Basic Cataract surgery
B.Sc Fellowship Advanced Cataract surgery
Ph.D Ophthalmology
Ph.D Microbiology
Ph.D Molecular Biology
Ph.D Genetics
Ph.D Pathology
M.PHIL Optometry
Ph.D Optometry
B.Sc Fellowhip in paediatric Optometry
Certificate Courses Digital Biometry
Certificate Courses Diagnostics
Certificate Courses Binocular Vision and Vision Therapy
Certificate Courses Clinical Optometry
Certificate Courses Low Vision Care
B.Sc Fellowship Level 1 in Neuro Optometry
B.Sc Fellowship in Contact Lens
B.Sc Fellowship in Vision Therapy
B.Sc Fellowship in Low Vision Care
B.Sc Fellowship in Clinical Optometry
B.Sc Residency program in Binocular Vision & Paediatric Optometry
COE Continuing Optometry Education in Contact Lens
M.SC Clinical Optometry
DIPLOMA Optometry
B.Sc Ophthalmic Dispensing
Certificate Courses Ophthalmic Instrumentation
Certificate Courses Ophthalmic Photography
DIPLOMA Ophthalmic Nursing Assistant
B.Sc Medical Laboratory Technology
M.SC Medical Laboratory Technology
MBA Hospital and Healthcare Management
MHA Master of Hospital Administration
Certificate Courses Hospital Management
Certificate Courses Hospital Financial Management
Post Graduate Program in Hospital Management
Certificate Courses Healthcare Quality Management
B.Sc Fellowship in British Dispensing Opticians
Certificate Courses Optical Sales
Post Graduate Program in Optical Retail Management
Certificate Courses Optical Retail Management
Certificate Courses Hospital Infection Control
Certificate Courses Ophthalmic Dispensing
Ph.D Nursing
DIPLOMA Post Basic Diploma in Oncology Nursing
B.Sc Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery
MD Unani
DIPLOMA Post Graduate Diploma In Physical Medical Rehabilitation
DIPLOMA Prosthetics And Orthotics
DIPLOMA Post Basic Diploma in Critical Care Nursing
DIPLOMA Post Basic Diploma in Emergency & Disaster Nursing
BNYS Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences
B.Sc Physician Assistant
B.Sc Medical Sociology
B.Sc Dialysis Technology
B.Sc Operation Theatre and Anaesthesia Technology
B.Sc Cardio Pulmonary Perfusion Care Technology
B.Sc Cardiac Technology
M.SC Medical Sociology
M.SC Clinical Nutrition
B.A Physical Education
PGDM Post Graduate - Diploma in Marketing Management
PGDM Post Graduate - Diploma in Human Resources Management
B.A Maths
B.A Statistics
B.Sc Genetics
BHM Bachelor of Hotel Management
B.A Communicative English
B.A Marketing
B.A Home Science
B.Sc Composite Home science
B.Sc Sociology
B.Sc Economics
B.Sc Early Childhood Education
M.SC Extension Education and Communication
M.SC Family Resource Management
M.SC Human Development
M.SC Textile and Clothing
B.Tech Biotechnology
B.Tech Computer Science Engineering
B.Tech Electrical Engineering
B.Tech Engineering Physics
B.Tech Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
M.TECH Chemical Engineering
M.TECH Electrical Engineering
M.TECH Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
M.TECH Civil Engineering
M.TECH Industrial Metallurgy
M.TECH Aerospace Engineering
M.TECH Applied Mechanics
M.TECH Automotive Engineering
Ph.D Media Studies
M.TECH Combustion and Propulsion
M.TECH Construction Technology
M.TECH Control System and Instrumentation
M.TECH Electronics and Communication Engineering
M.TECH Engineering Design
M.TECH Engineering Physics
M.TECH Geo Informatics
M.TECH Geo Technical Engineering
M.TECH Heat Transfer and Thermal Power
M.TECH Industrial Mathematics and Scientific Computing
M.TECH Manufacturing and Precision Engineering
M.TECH Manufacturing Systems Engineering
M.TECH Mathematics and Computing
B.Tech Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
M.TECH Microelectronics and VLSI Design
M.TECH Nuclear Engineering
M.TECH Ocean Engineering
M.TECH Ocean Technology and Management
M.TECH Offshore Structures
M.TECH Petroleum Engineering
M.TECH Photonics
M.TECH Power System Engineering
M.TECH Power Systems and Power Electronics
M.TECH Solid State Technology
M.TECH Thermal Power Engineering
M.TECH Thermal TurboMachines
M.TECH Transportation Engineering
M.TECH VLSI Technology
M.TECH Hydraulics and Water Resource Engineering
Ph.D Civil Engineering
Ph.D Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Ph.D Engineering Design
Ph.D Aerospace Engineering
Ph.D Hydrology and water resources Engineering
M.PHIL Civil Engineering
M.PHIL Electrical and Electronics Engineering
M.PHIL Mechanical Engineering
M.PHIL Engineering Design
M.PHIL Aerospace Engineering
M.PHIL Hydrology and water resources Engineering
M.PHIL Applied Mathematics
Ph.D Management Studies
Ph.D Applied Mathematics
Ph.D Management
M.PHIL Management
B.Tech Nanotechnology
B.Des Bachelor of Design
M.TECH Biotechnology
M.TECH Construction Engineering & Management
M.TECH Embedded System Technologies
M.TECH Remote sensing and Geographic Information System
M.TECH Robotics Engineering
M.TECH Telecommunication Networks
M.TECH Information security and Cyber Forensics
B.Tech Civil Engineering
B.Tech Software Engineering
DIPLOMA Radiotherapy Technology
M.PHIL Psycho Oncology
Ph.D Psycho Oncology
M.SC Medical Physics
MA Natya
B.A(Hons) Economics
B.Sc(Hons) Computer Science
M.SC Applications of Mathematics
Certificate Courses Master Diploma in Graphics and Multimedia
B.Sc Physical Education, health Education and sports
BBA Hospital and Healthcare Management
M.Optom Master of Optometry
Certificate Courses Cornea Diagnostics
Certificate Courses Retina Diagnostics
Certificate Courses Glaucoma Diagnostics
Certificate Courses Ocular Prothesis
B.Sc Residency program in clinical optometry
B.Sc Residency program in contact lens
B.Voc Food Processing & Quality Control
B.Voc Sustainable Energy Management
PGDMLT Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology
B.Sc Information Technology
M.PHIL Telugu
Ph.D Political Science
Ph.D Telugu
Ph.D Geology
Ph.D Electronics and Communication Engineering
Certificate Courses E-Commerce
Certificate Courses Textiles & Fashion designing
Certificate Courses Personality Development
DIPLOMA Computerised Accounting & Tally
Certificate Courses IATA - UFTAA
Certificate Courses DEUTSCH
Certificate Courses Air Ticketing
Certificate Courses ACS
DIPLOMA Banking Finance
Certificate Courses News Reading
DIPLOMA Post Basic Diploma in Cardio - Thoracic Nursing
DIPLOMA Post Basic Diploma in Neonatal Nursing
DIPLOMA Post Basic Diploma in Operation Room Nursing (PBDORN)
DIPLOMA Post Basic Diploma in Orthopedic Nursing
DIPLOMA Post Basic Diploma in Neuro Science Nursing
M.SC Obstetrics & Gynecology Nursing
M.SC Cardiothoracic Nursing
Ph.D Medical Surgical Nursing
Ph.D Child Health Nursing
Ph.D Obstetrics & Gynecological Nursing
MA Inclusive and Developmental Studies
Certificate Courses Retail Management
Certificate Certificate in English
Certificate Courses Medical Lab Technology
Certificate Courses Business English
Certificate Courses Tally and Taxation
Certificate Courses Training for Competitive Examination
Certificate Courses Fundamentals of Econometrics
Certificate Courses Airlines basic reservation procedures and basic air-ticketing and fare construction procedures
Certificate Courses Basic techniques in Bio-Technology
Certificate Courses Cosmetology
Certificate Courses Lab Techniques
Certificate Courses Investment Banking and Financial Services
Certificate Courses Tapping and utilization of solar energy
Certificate Courses Analytical Skills in Mathematics for competitive Examinations
Certificate Courses The world of Global Cuisines
Certificate Courses Corporate Secretary ship
Certificate Courses Traditional Arts
Certificate Courses Personality Development and Placement Preparation Program
Certificate Courses Applied Biotechnology
Certificate Courses Web Media Tools
Certificate Courses Insurance Marketing and Risk Management
Certificate Courses Advanced Laboratory Techniques in Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Certificate Courses Micro technology
Certificate Courses Business etiquette and Personal Grooming Skills
Certificate Courses Basic Skills and Counseling
Certificate Courses Interpersonal Communication Skills
Certificate Courses Public relations
M.SC Forensic Science
Ph.D Forensic Science
M.SC Environmental Toxicology
MA Criminology
Certificate Courses Communication Skills
Certificate Courses Multimedia and Animation
Certificate Courses E-Publishing
Certificate Courses Professional Accounting and Tally
Certificate Courses Yoga
Certificate Courses Music and Dancing
Certificate Courses Computer Graphics
BBA Managerial Economics,International Trade Managerial Economics
B.Sc National Board Fellowship in Pediatric Intensive Care
B.Sc Fellowship in Pediatric Urology
B.Sc Fellowship in Pediatric Anesthesiology
Certificate Courses Course in Audiology for ENT
DIPLOMA Post Graduate Diploma in Physician Assistant
M.TECH Automotive Hybrid Systems Engineering
M.TECH Big Data Analytics
M.TECH Cloud Computing
M.TECH Electronics and Control Engineering
M.TECH Food and Nutritional Biotechnology
M.TECH Food Safety and Quality Management
M.TECH Solar Energy
M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery
DIPLOMA Anaesthesia
DIPLOMA Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology - D.L.O.
DIPLOMA Child Health
DIPLOMA Clinical Pathology
DIPLOMA Dermatology, Venerology & Leprosy
DIPLOMA Gynaecology and Obstetrics
DIPLOMA Ophthalmology
DIPLOMA Orthopaedics
B.Music Bachelor of Music
M.Music Master of Music
DIPLOMA icaikkalaimani (Vocal)
DIPLOMA vattiyakkalaimani (nakacuram, tavul, lute, guitar, percussion)
DIPLOMA atarkalaimani
DIPLOMA nattuvankakkalaimani
DIPLOMA Music teacher training
Certificate Karnataka icaikkalaic (vocal, Bharatanatyam)
BMS Bachelor of Management Studies (B.M.S.)
BMM Bachelor of Mass Media
B.Sc Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
DIPLOMA Forensic Science and Criminal Law
DIPLOMA Clinical Research
DIPLOMA Gemmology
DIPLOMA Counselling Psychology
DIPLOMA Data Science
Certificate Courses Practical Gem Appreciation & Identification
MA Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology
M.SC M.Sc. in Biotechnology
M.SC M.Sc. in Botany
M.SC MSc. in Geology
M.SC MSc. in Microbiology
MA Masters in Public Policy
B.Voc Software Development
B.Voc Tourism
M.Pharm Pharmacology and Toxicology
M.Pharm Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry
M.Pharm Pharmaceutical Analysis Bachelor of Commerce(Accounts & Finance) Bachelor of Commerce(Financial Market)
CA Chartered Accountant
CS Company Secretaries
B.E. Bio-Medical Engineering
M.E. VLSI Design
M.E. Medical Electronics
M.TECH Environmental Science and Technology
Certificate Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Business Analytics
M.E. Computer Aided Design
M.E. Internal Combustion Engineering
M.E. Mechatronics Engineering
B.Tech Electronics and computer Engineering
M.TECH Communication Engineering
BA., LLB(Honours) Bachelor of Law
BBA., LLB(Honours) Bachelor of Law
B.E. Production Engineering
B.Tech Rubber and Plastic Technology
M.E. Aeronautical Engineering
M.E. Avionics
M.E. Aerospace Technology
M.E. Automobile Engineering
M.E. Instrumentation Engineering
M.E. Green Manufacturing
M.TECH Rubber and Plastic Technology
M.E. Communication and Networking
M.E. Wireless Technology
M.E. VLSI Design and Embedded Systems
M.SC Applied Mathematics
M.S. Research in Mechanical Engineering
M.S. Research in Information & Communication Engineering
Ph.D Information & Communication Engineering
M.S. Research in Electrical Engineering
Ph.D Electrical Engineering
M.S. Research in Technology
Ph.D Technology
B.Sc Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Studies
B.Sc Forensic Science
B.Sc Industrial Chemistry
B.Sc Maritime Hospitality Studies
B.Sc Nautical science
B.Sc Polymer Chemistry
B.Sc Aviation
B.A French
B.A German
B.A Performing Arts
MBA Banking and Insurance Financial Markets
B.F.A Bachelor of Fine Arts
LLB Bachelor of Law
B.A., B.L Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws
MA Master of Arts
BJMC Bachelor Of Journalism And Mass Communication
BPA Bachelor Of Performing Arts
B.Lib Bachelor of Library Science
DIPLOMA Christian Studies
DIPLOMA Post Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies
Certificate Biblical Foundations course
B.Tech Bachelor Of Technology
B.E. Bachelor Of Engineering
MA Education And French
MA Education
MA Film
MA Media
MA German
MA Kannada
MA Marathi
MA Mathematics
MA Persian
M.SC Basic Science And Humanities
M.SC Environmental Science
M.SC Herbal Science
M.SC Nano Science and Technology
M.E. Electrical Engineering
M.E. Chemical Engineering
M.E. Electronics and Communication engineering
M.E. Electronics Engineering
M.E. Plastic Engineering
M.E. Production Engineering
M.ARCH Architectural Conservation
M.ARCH Landscape Architectue
M.ARCH Urban Design
BEd Special Education(Learning Disability)
BEd Special Education(Mental Retardation)
BEd Physical Education
M.F.A Applied Arts
MFA painting
MFA History Of Arts
MFA Sulpture
M.TECH Chemical Technology
M.TECH Textile Chemistry
MPA Drama
MPA Classical Dance E-Commerce
M.ED Hearing Impaired
MLS Master Of Labour Studies
MP Master Program
M.SC Master Of Science
MHRDM Master in Human Resource Development & Management
MFSM Master In Financial Services Management
MFM Master In Financial management
M.P.Ed Master of Physical Education
M.LIB.I.SC Master Of Library And Information Science
M.L Master of Laws
MMM Master in Marketing Management
MIM Master In Information Management
Ph.D African Studies
Ph.D Education
Ph.D Kannada
Ph.D Library & Information Science
Ph.D Marathi
Ph.D Persian
M.PHIL African Studies
M.PHIL Education
B.A.L.L.B(Hons) Honours in General Laws
M.PHIL Kannada
M.PHIL Philosophy
B.Com.LL.B(Hons) Bachelor of commerce + Bachelor of Legislative law (Honours)
M.PHIL Visual Arts
B.B.A.LL.B(Hons.) Bachelor of Business Administration + Bachelor of Legislative Law(Honours)
B.C.A.LL.B.(Hons.) Bachelor of Computer Applications + Bachelor of Legislative law (Honours)
DIPLOMA Early Childwood Education
LL.B.(HONS.) Bachelor of Legislative law (Honours)
DIPLOMA Yoga and Health Education
B.A., B.L(Hons) Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws(Honours)
DIPLOMA Security And Intelligence Management
B.Com B.L (Hons.) Bachelor of Commerce + Bachelor of Laws (Honours)
DIPLOMA Administrative Services
B.L (Hons.) Bachelor of Laws (Honours)
DIPLOMA Consumer Protection
DIPLOMA E-Commerce
DIPLOMA Financial Accounting & Taxation
LLM Business Laws
DIPLOMA Labour Laws And Labour Welfare
DIPLOMA Taxation law
LLM Constitutional Law and Human Rights
DIPLOMA Film Making
LLM International Law and Organization
DIPLOMA Entrepreneurship Development
LLM Intellectual Property Law
LLM Environmental Law and Legal Order
LLM Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Administration
LLM Human Rights and Duties Education
LLM Labour Law & Administrative Law
LLM Taxation In Law
DIPLOMA Functional English
Ph.D Law
DIPLOMA Modern Arabic
Ph.D Inter-Disciplinary Field
DIPLOMA Biotechnology
DIPLOMA Bioinformatics
DIPLOMA Office Automation And Web Designing
DIPLOMA Japanese Language
M.C.L Master of Corporate Laws
PGD Counseling And Communication
PGD Business Law
PGD Environmental Law
PGD Information Technology Law
PGD Intellectual Property Law
PGD Labour Law
PGD Human Rights & Duties Education
PGD Law Librarianship
PGD Consumer Law and Protection
PGD Environment And Sustainable Development
PGD Cyber Forensic and Internet Security
PGD Criminal Law, Criminology and Forensic Science
PGD Medico – Legal Aspects
PGD Maritime Law
PGD Linguistics
PGD Museology & Heritage Conservation
PGD Special Education Multiple Disabilities-Physical And Neurological
PGD Transation
PGD Travel & Tourism Management
PGD Urudu Journalism And Mass Communication
PGD Clinical Data Management
PGDM Post Graduate Diploma In Management
Certificate Business Communication Skills
Certificate Modern Arabic
Certificate Courses Pali
Certificate Courses Tourism And Travel Management
Certificate Courses Bioinformatics
Certificate Courses Advance Bioptechnology
Certificate Courses Gis And Remote Sensing
Certificate Courses Tourist Guidance
Certificate Courses Videogrphy & Editing
Certificate Courses Web Development
Certificate Courses Modern Persian
Certificate Courses Administrative Kannaada
Certificate Courses German
Certificate Courses Rusian
Certificate Courses English
B.E. Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering
B.E. Petroleum Engineering
B.E. Harbour Engineering and Ocean Engineering
B.E. Mining Engineering
BBA Shipping Computer Applications and Logistics
B.Tech Food Processing Technology
B.Sc Marine Catering
B.E. GIS and Ocean Remote Sensing
B.E. Renewable Energy Engineering
B.Sc Climate Studies and Disaster Management
B.Sc Marine Pharmacology and Drug Development
B.Sc Petroleum Exploration
B.Sc Ship Building and Repair
M.TECH Marine Engineering Management
M.TECH Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering
M.SC Marine Biotechnology
M.SC Data Science and Analytics
M.SC Fleet Operations Management
MBA Oil and Gas Management
MBA Logistics and Shipping Management
MBA Shipping Finance
MBA Marine Human Resource Management
MBA Fisheries Industrial Management
M.PHIL Marine Biotechnology
M.PHIL Marine Microbiology
MBA Multimodal Transportation and Supply Chain Management
MBA Ports and Terminals Management
DIPLOMA HND - Marine Engineering
DIPLOMA HND - Nautical Science
DIPLOMA HND - Electro Tech
DIPLOMA Able Seaman/Bosun To Officer Course
Advanced Diploma Dredging Technology
DIPLOMA Civil Engineering
DIPLOMA Electrical and Electronics Engineering
DME Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
DIPLOMA Petroleum Engineering
DIPLOMA Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering
DIPLOMA Marine Catering
DIPLOMA Logistics and Supply Chain Management
DIPLOMA Port Agency and Stevedoring
DIPLOMA Chartering
DIPLOMA EXIM Documentation
DIPLOMA Shipping Finance and Marine Insurance
DIPLOMA Ports and Terminals Management
B.Sc Ship Operations Management
B.Sc Ship Operations Technology
GME Presea Training Course for Graduates
Certificate Courses Electro Technical Officer
B.E. Electronics Engineering
B.E. Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering
M.E. Information Technology
Ph.D Electronics Engineering
Integrated MBA Integrated Master of Business Administration
MMS Banking and Financial Services
MMS Business Analytics
Ph.D Marketing
Ph.D Human Resource Management
Ph.D Finance
Ph.D Strategic Management
Ph.D Operations
MBA Systems
MAM Master of Applied Management
B.Des Fashion Design
B.Des Leather Design
B.Des Accessory Design
B.Des Textile Design
B.Des knitwear Design
B.Des Fashion communication
B.FTech Fashion Technology
MFM Master of Fashion Management
M.FTech Master of fashion Technology
B.E. Instrumentation and Control Engineering
M.E. Power Systems
M.E. Control and Instrumentation Engineering
B.A Marathi
B.A Geography Commerce Accountancy
M.E. CSE - Networks
M.E. Embedded System Technologies
B.E. Computer and Communication Engineering
B.E. Electronics and Control Engineering
B.E. Mechanical and Production Engineering
BEd Bachelor of Education
B.A Corporate Secretaryship
M.E. Power Electronics and Industrial Drives
M.E. Embedded Systems
M.E. Electronics and Control
M.E. Thermal Engineering
M.E. Environmental Engineering
M.E. Metallurgical and Material Science Engineering
M.TECH Nanotechnology
M.TECH Medical Instrumentation
M.TECH Green Engineering and Technology
M.TECH Marine Biotechnology
M.TECH Naval Engineering
M.TECH Nuclear Science Engineering
M.TECH Remote Sensing and Geo Informatics
M.TECH Wind Energy Technology
M.ARCH Building Management
BBI Bachelor of Commerce in Banking & Insurance
Med Master of Education
M.SC Actuarial Science
VCFT Vocational Course in Foreign Trade
M.PHIL Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
M.TECH By Research
NCCMP NSE Certified Market Professional Course
B.E. Plastics Engineering
B.Tech Plastic Technology
B.E. Manufacturing Engineering
B.Tech Manufacturing Technology
M.TECH Plastics Technology
M.TECH Polymer Nano Technology
M.Sc. Tech. Material Science and Engineering
M.SC Bio-Polymer Science
M.SC Polymer Science
DIPLOMA Plastics Technology
DIPLOMA Plastics Mould Technology
Post Diploma Plastics Mould Design with Cad / Cam
PGD Plastics Processing and Testing
PGD Plastics Testing and Quality Management Advanced Accountancy Business Studies
M.SC Microbiology
M.SC Organic Chemistry
M.SC Inorganic Chemistry
Post Diploma Counselling
Post Diploma Special Education (Autonomous)
Post Diploma Early Childhood Education (Autonomous)
M.ARCH Project Management
M.SC Analytical Chemistry
DIPLOMA Clinical Analysis
Certificate Courses Laboratory Management
PGD Quality Assurance
Certificate Courses Nutrition Counselling
Certificate Courses Basics in Food & Nutrition
Certificate Courses Basic Baking External Batch
Certificate Courses Baking for students
B.Sc Life Science
B.Sc Bio-Chemistry
B.E. Humanities And Sciences (G.E.)
B.E. Computer Engineering
B.Sc Electronic Science
B.E. Instrumentation Engineering
M.E. Mechanical Engineering
M.E. Civil Engineering
M.E. Computer Engineering
B.E. Chemical Engineering
B.E. Biotechnology
B.Sc Catering and Hotel Management
M.SC Applied Electronics
PGD Gene Manipulation Technology
PGD E-Business Management
DIPLOMA Catering Technology
PGD Labour Law & Labour
PGD Taxation Law
M.SC Electronic Science
Certificate Courses Human Resource Management
Certificate Courses Journalism
MMS Master Of Management Studies
M.Pharm Quality Assurance
M.SC Nutrition, Food Service Management and Dietetics Banking and Insurance
B.A Urdu
B.Sc Biology Business Econoimics Accountancy Business Management
M.SC Hospitality Administration
B.Sc Hospitality and Hotel Administration
Craftsmanship Courses Food Production
Craftsmanship Courses Food and Beverage Service
PGD Accommodation Operation and Management
PGD Dietetics and Hospital Food Services
Certificate Courses Hotel and Catering Management
DIPLOMA Food Production
DIPLOMA Bakery and Confectionery
DIPLOMA Front Office
DIPLOMA Food and Beverage Service
B.E. Electrical Engineering
M.E. Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
M.E. Machine Design
MFA Master of fine arts
Certificate certificate
B.A Mathematics
PGD Print Media Journalism
PGD Television Media Journalism
PGD New Media Journalism
PGD Radio Journalism
DIPLOMA House Keeping
BEd Biological Science
BEd Commerce
BEd Economics
BEd English
BEd History
BEd Mathematics
BEd Physical Science
BEd Tamil
PGPM Human Resources Management
PGPM Marketing and Communications Management
PGPM International Business Management
PGPM Financial Management
PGPM Entrepreneurship
PGPM Information Technology Management
EPGP Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management (EPGP) Financial Accounts
Certificate Courses Basic Computerized Accounting
Certificate Courses Event Management
Certificate Courses Foreign Trade Practices & Documentations
Certificate Courses E - Commerce
MMS Finance
MMS Marketing
MMS Human Resource
MMS Operations
MMS Information technology
PGDM Post Graduate - Diploma in Management
MS By Research ( Biotechnology)
Ph.D Embedded System
MS By Research ( Computer science and Engineering )
MS By Research ( Electronics and Communication Engineering )
MS By Research ( Chemistry )
DIPLOMA Diploma in Education
Executive MBA Executive Master of Business Administration
DIPLOMA Business Administration
MMS Master in Management studies
DIPLOMA Retail Management
DIPLOMA Capital Market
PGDBM Business Management Financial management
Ph.D Hindi
M.Stat Master of Statistics
Ph.D Statistical Quality Control
Ph.D Social Sciences
MDP Management Development Program
PGDM Marketing
PGDM Post Graduate - Diploma in Finance
PGDM Production and operation
Certificate Courses Bakery and confectionary
Certificate Courses Hotel Management & Catering Technology
Craftsmanship Courses Food and Beverage Service
B.Sc Hotel Management & Catering Operations
B.A International Hospitality Administration
Certificate Courses Cookery
PGD Operations Management
PGD Business Finance
PGDM Retail Management
PGDM System Management
B.Sc Radiology and Imaging Technology
DIPLOMA Radiology and Imaging Technology
Ph.D Stem Cell Research
M.SC Regenerative Medicine
B.L.S+LLB Bachelor of legal science + Bachelor of law
D.N.B General Medicine
DIPLOMA D.N.B. (Obstetrics & Gynaecology)
D.N.B Paediatrics
B.Pharm(Lateral) Bachelor Of Pharmacy
PGD Dietetics and Applied Nutrition
DIPLOMA Indian Sign Language Interpreting
Certificate Visual Merchandising
MMS Operations Management Studies
BFT Bachelor of Film Technology
M. Div Master of Divinity
B. Th Bachelor of Theology
Certificate Courses Certificate in Theology
DIPLOMA Diploma in Theology
M.SC Physical Chemistry
PGD Environment Management
DIPLOMA Basic Photography
DIPLOMA Advanced Photography
DIPLOMA Professional Photography
DIPLOMA Basic Videography
DIPLOMA Advanced Videography
DIPLOMA Visual Communication
DIPLOMA Digital Film Making
M.SC Clinical Research
Ph.D Clinical Reseaarch
MBA Pharma Marketing & Management
MBA Healthcare Management
PGD Advanced clinical Research & Pharmacovigilance
PGD Pharmacovigilance
Certificate Courses Drawing and Painting
Certificate Courses Glass Painting
Certificate Courses Fabric Painting
Certificate Courses Water Colour Painting
Certificate Courses Oil Colour Painting
Certificate Courses Acrylic Colour Painting
Certificate Courses Pastel Painting
Certificate Courses Charcoul Painting
Certificate Courses Caricature
Certificate Courses Cartooning
Certificate Courses Potraits
Certificate Courses Still Life
Certificate Courses Prespective Drawing
Certificate Courses Human Anatomy
Certificate Courses Fashion Sketching
Certificate Courses Pattern Making and Sewing
Certificate Courses Machine Embroidery
Certificate Courses Hand Embroidery
Certificate Courses Textiles Processing
Certificate Courses Jewellery Designing
DIPLOMA Fashion Design
DIPLOMA Interior Design
DIPLOMA Textile Design
DIPLOMA Visual Design
B.Sc Fashion Design
B.Sc Interior Design
B.Sc Photography and Design
B.A Fine Arts
DIPLOMA Polished Diamond
DIPLOMA Rough Diamond
DIPLOMA Colored Stone
DIPLOMA Jewelry Design
MMS Systems and Operations
PGD Logistic And Supply Chain Management
B.E. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
BBA Banking and Finance
BBA Marketing
BBA International Business
MBA Finance Management
MBA Marketing Management
MBA Entrepreneurship Management
MBA Operations Management
MBA Systems Management
MBA Retail Management
MBA International Business Management
MBA Outsourcing Management
MBA Banking & Insurance
MBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management
MBA Aviation Management
MBA Biotechnology Management
MBA Bioinformatics Management
MBA Health & Hospital Management
MBA Pharmaceutical Industry Management
M.PHIL Management Studies
MA Hindi
MA Rural Development
PGD Direction
PGD Cinematography
DIPLOMA Editing and Sound Design
Short Term Course Direction For Film and TV
GP Rating(Deck & Engine)
Certificate Courses Maritime Catering (CCMC)
ETO Electro Technical Officer
DIPLOMA Nautical science
HNDNS Nautical Science
HNDME Marine Engineering
B.Sc Hospitality Studies
M.D.S Oral Surgery
M.D.S Preventive Community Dentistry
MBA Tourism and Hotel Management
B.Sc Catering Science and Hotel Management
M.SC Catering science and Hotel management
DIPLOMA Catering science and Hotel Management
Ph.D Information Technology
Ph.D International Business
Ph.D Technology Management
Ph.D Interdisciplinary Research
Ph.D Intellectual Property Rights Law
DIPLOMA Food and Beverage Production Management
DIPLOMA Food and Beverage service Management
DIPLOMA Front Office Management
DIPLOMA Housekeeping Management
DIPLOMA Food Preparation and Culinary Art
Craft Course Food Production
Craft Course Food & Beverage Service
Craft Course Housekeeping Management
Craft Course Front office Management
B.Tech Plastic and Polymer Engineering
B.Tech Fibres and Textiles Processing Technology
B.Tech Dyestuff and Intermediates Technology
B.Tech Fibres and Textiles Processing Technology
B.Tech Food Engineering and Technology
B.Tech Oils, Oleochemicals and Surfactants Technology
B.Tech Pharmaceuticals Chemistry and Technology
B.Tech Polymer Engineering and Technology
B.Tech Surface Coating Technology
M.SC Textile Chemistry
M.Pharm Drug Delivery Technology
M.Pharm Medicinal Chemistry
M.Pharm Medicinal Natural Products
M.TECH Dyestuff and Intermediates Technology
M.TECH Fibres and Textiles Processing Technology
M.TECH Food Engineering and Technology
M.TECH Oils, Oleochemicals and Surfactants Technology
M.TECH Pharmaceuticals Chemistry and Technology
M.TECH Polymer Engineering and Technology
M.TECH Surface Coating Technology
M.TECH Perfumery and Flavour Technology
M.TECH Bioprocess Technology
M.TECH Food Biotechnology
Ph.D Chemical Engineering
Ph.D Food Science
DIPLOMA Chemical Technology Management
DIPLOMA Culinary Arts Management
DIPLOMA Hospitality and Restaurant Management
DIPLOMA Pastry and Confectionary Arts
DIPLOMA Rooms Division Management
Advanced Diploma Hospitality Management
M.F.SC Aquaculture
M.F.SC Aquatic environment management
M.F.SC Fisheries resource and management
M.F.SC Aquatic animal health management
M.F.SC Fish nutrition feed technology
M.F.SC Fisheries economics
M.F.SC fish biotechnology
M.F.SC Fish genetics and breeding
M.F.SC post-harvest technology
M.F.SC Fish biochemistry & physiology
Ph.D Aquatic environment management
Ph.D Fisheries resource and management
Ph.D Aquatic animal health management
Ph.D post-harvest technology
Ph.D Fisheries economics
Ph.D Fish nutrition feed technology
Ph.D Fish genetics and breeding
M.SC Paediatric / Pediatric Nursing
DIPLOMA Post Basic Diploma in Nursing
DIPLOMA Post Basic Diploma in Cardio Thoracic Nursing
DIPLOMA Post Basic Diploma in Orthopedic & Rehabilitation Nursing
DIPLOMA Post Basic Diploma in Neurology Nursing
MBA Information Technology
MBA Rural/Urban Development Management
MBA Tourism and Hospitality Management
DIPLOMA Electrical Engineering
DIPLOMA Electronics Engineering
DIPLOMA Mechanical Engineering
PGD Civil Engineering
PGD Electrical Engineering
PGD Electronics Engineering
PGD Mechanical Engineering
Advanced Diploma Business Administration
B.A Product design
B.A Fashion & lifestyle business management
B.A Global luxury brands management
B.A Fashion & lifestyle E-commerce
B.A Fashion Design
B.A Communication design
B.A Interior architecture design
B.A Fashion & lifestyle image design
B.A Fashion media communication
B.A lifestyle and accessory design
MA Fashion design
MA Fashion Merchandising
MA Interior design
MA Entertainment, Media & Advertising
MA Fashion styling and image design
MA Fashion Communication
MA Communication Design
MA Sports management
MA Fashion business e-commerce
MA luxary brands
PGD Communication Design
PGD Fashion desigining
PGD Interior Design
PGD Journalism and media communicatio
PGD Masters of Sports Management
PGD Fashion styling and image design
PGD Fashion Communication
PGD Fashion business merchandising & marketing
PGD luxury brand
PGD Fashion business e-commerce
BBA Human Resource Development
M.SC Aquaculture
GME Graduate Marine Engineering
B.Sc Finance
DIPLOMA Marine Engineering
GP Rating
BBA+MMS Bachelor of business administration + Master of management studies
Orientation Course Catering Personnel (OCCP)
PSSR Personal safety & social responsibilities
PST Personal survival techniques
EFA Proficiency in elementary first aid
FPFF Fire prevention and fire fighting
OTCO Basic training for oil tanker cargo operations
LGTCO Basic training for liquefied gas tanker cargo operations
CTCO Basic training for chemical tanker cargo operations
TOTA Training for trainers and assessors
TWI Training for workshop instructors
TOI Training for instructors
RPST Refresher training for proficiency in personal survival techniques
STSDSD Security training for seafarers with designated security duties
RFPFF Refresher training for fire prevention and fire fighting
AUGFF Augmentation of fire prevention and fire fighting course
DTME Trainee Marine Engineering for Diploma Holders
GTME Trainee Marine Engineering for Graduates
B.Sc Human Development
B.Sc Food Science and Nutrition
B.Sc Textile science and apparent design
M.SC Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics
PGD sports science fitness and nutrition
DIPLOMA Beauty Culture
DIPLOMA applied arts
DIPLOMA Interior Designing and Decoration
DIPLOMA Tourism & Travel Management
Certificate Courses Textile and Fashion Designing
Certificate Courses Typing and shothand
Advanced Diploma Fashion designing and advanced merchandising
DIPLOMA Catering management
MACT Master in city and technology
M.D.S Conservative density & endodontics
M.D.S oral medicine and radiology
MDS oral patholology and microbiology
MDS prosthodontics
MBA Hotel Hospitality and Tourism Administration
DIPLOMA Front Office Hotel Administration
M.V.S.C Veterinary anatomy & history
M.V.S.C Animal nutrition
M.V.S.C Livestock production & managenent
M.V.S.C Livestock products technology
M.V.S.C Veterinary and animal husbandry extension
M.V.S.C vertinary animal reproduction gynecology & obstetrics
M.V.S.C Veterinary biochemistry
M.V.S.C Poultry science
M.SC Animal biotechnology
M.SC veterinary microbiology
M.SC veterinary parasitology
M.SC veterinary pathology
M.SC veterinary physiology
M.SC veterinary public health
M.SC veterinary surgery & radiology
DIPLOMA Journalism
M.TECH Master of Technology
MBA Hospitality and Hotel Administration
B.Lit Tamil
DIPLOMA Mechanical Engineering Sandwich Program
DIPLOMA Automobile Engineering
DIPLOMA Apparel Technology
DIPLOMA Computer Engineering
B.Tech Computer Science and Business Systems
B.Tech Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
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