Nursing Colleges in Mumbai

Posted on January 11, 2017, 11.49 AM

Nursing Colleges in Mumbai has ranked the best among the top Nursing colleges in India. Some of best Nursing colleges like Grant Medical College which is the most recognized college across the world.

Let us look at the Nursing colleges in Mumbai and the best Nursing colleges in Mumbai in detail.

  • Grant Medical College
  • Mahatma Gandhi Mission, College of Nursing
  • Hiranandani College of Nursing
  • Florence Nightingale Institute of Nursing Education
  • KDA Nursing College
  • Lalita Girdhar Hinduja College of Nursing

Grant Medical College

The Grant Government medical College, Mumbai is one of the premiere institution of India affiliated to the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik. The Foundation of the institution dates back to 1845 and with a consistent performance in ranking in the top 10 Medical colleges all over India.

Sir JJ Group of Hospitals is a conglomerate of 4 Hospitals: Sir JJ Hospital, St.Georges Hospital, Gokuldas Tejpal Hospital & Camal Albless Hospital. A combined effort of Sir Jamsetjee Jeejebhoy & Robert Grant saw the birth of this Institute to cater to the medical care of the patients and offer Western Medical education of the Indians. The Institute exhibits a prestigious history to document the award winning research work of Robert Koch on Vibrio Cholera & Sir V M Haffkine/ Waldemar Haffkine on the Plague Vaccine and their likes.


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Mahatma Gandhi Mission, College of Nursing

The College of Nursing is part of Mahatma Gandhi Mission Trust which aims at bringing intellectual awakening and transformation in educational, economic, social and cultural field.

The Faculty of College of Nursing believe that a professional nurse has a unique contribution to make, in promoting health, prevention of illness and in the care of individual, family & community. The graduates of College of Nursing are expected to provide holistic care to clients in variety of settings. The Faculty believes that Nursing Education is a process of growth directed toward the development of the student as a person, as a prospective member of the society, member of the nursing profession, who will uphold the dignity of nursing profession.

The College of Nursing is part of Mahatma Gandhi Mission Trust which aims at bringing intellectual awakening and transformation in educational, economic, social and cultural field.


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Hiranandani College of Nursing

Has a magnificent entrance in the towering Knowledge Park. It’s dedicated for HiCON students. Entering the portals has a special meaning as this is a College with a difference!! The elevators proceed to the dedicated floors. The elevator takes you to the third floor and opens into a smart vestibule.

The natural light from the large windows enhance the already remarkable ambience. The College occupies both the sides of the building and has a mix of both the Professional areas and also the administration areas. Starting with the administration areas.


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Florence Nightingale Institute of Nursing Education:

The Institute of Nursing Education is a professional institute functioning within the frame work and philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi Mission Trust with an undeterring faith in the potential of the younger generation for service towards mankind.

Mahatma Gandhi Mission is a Charitable Trust registered under Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 and Societies Registration Act 1860. The Trust is dedicated to the service of mankind


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KDA Nursing College

KDA nursing college is an affiliated nursing educational institute to Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik and is recognized by Indian Nursing Council, Delhi, as well as Maharashtra State nursing Council with dully permitted by Govt. of Maharashtra to its purpose of Nursing education since 2008.

We have entered currently with two undergraduate nursing educational programmes and aspire to extend towards post graduate nursing along with Short term, Certificate & Fellowship nursing programs under the Health

Science University of Nashik. The nursing college has a vision to create a bench mark in nursing education. The graduated nurses will be prepared to assume responsibility in providing the primary, secondary & tertiary level care to the clients, as Professional Nurses.


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Lalita Girdhar Hinduja College of Nursing

In 1956, the society purchased a plot of land opposite Dubash House and the National Hospital was shifted in 1963 to a new building (now called the East Building) with 100 beds; in addition, expanded outpatient facilities were made available.

It was soon realised that the 100-bed hospital would not be adequate along with the space for Medical Research Centre, which was the ultimate aim. Accordingly, Dubhash House, along with the land on which it stood was purchased in 1967.

Unfortunately, Shri Parmanand Hinduja passed away in 1971 before concrete steps could be taken to implement his ideas. Thereafter his sons, carried forward the legacy of their father, of translating his dream into a reality.


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