Marine Engineering Colleges in Mumbai

Posted on January 10, 2017, 01.07 PM

Marine Engineering Colleges in Mumbai has ranked the best among the top Marine Engineering Colleges in India. Some of best Marine Engineering Colleges like Indian Maritime University which is the most recognized college across the world.

Let us look at the Marine Engineering Colleges in Mumbai and the best Marine Engineering Colleges in Mumbai in detail

  • Indian Maritime University
  • B.P.Marine Academy
  • Tolani Maritime Institute
  • Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies
  • Maharashtra Academy of Naval Education and Training
  • Training Ship Rahaman

Indian Maritime University

Indian Maritime University, Mumbai Campus with Head Office at Nerul, Navi Mumbai is Consisting of three premier maritime institutes of India, the Training Ship Chanakya, the LBS College of Advanced Maritime Studies & Research and the Marine Engineering & Research Institute, situated at two locations with Head Office at Karave, Nerul, Navi Mumbai.

The location at South Mumbai houses the LBS College of Advanced Maritime Studies & Research and the Marine Engineering & Research Institute while location at Nerul, Navi Mumbai houses the Training Ship Chanakya. LBS College is the post-sea training institute whereas T.S. Chanakya and MERI, Mumbai are pre-sea training institutes.


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B.P.Marine Academy

Efficient transport by sea is an important mode of transportation, particularly for a country like India with an outlet to the sea. Indian Merchant Navy comprises of Passenger Ships, Cargo Liners, Tankers, Ore-Carriers and other types of specialised ships. These Ships are operated by public and private sector shipping companies and are manned by trained Marine Engineers, Navigators and Crew.

Ocean-going merchant vessels are to be manned by competent seafarers who need to be specially trained. Various International Conventions have adopted resolutions to the effect that seafarers manning the merchant vessels must be fully trained for the challenges that this job at sea requires. In order to meet this challenge, the B.P. Marine Academy (BPMA), Navi Mumbai, has been established


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Tolani Maritime Institute

The programmes conducted by TMI Mumbai is an initiative born out of the requirement of STCW 2010, which mandates that structured training methodology be incorporated into all the shipboard training of Merchant Marine Officers. TMI, Mumbai has therefore developed programmes which are approved by DG Shipping and conducted through "Distance Learning Mode".

Distance Learning meets the challenge of matching the best practices in education to the training of human resources without the compulsion of physically bringing together students and teachers. This goes beyond the realm of correspondence courses, which merely serve to deliver study material and unsophisticated evaluation components to students. In the maritime context, it facilitates the fusion of theoretical learning and real world practicality for shipboard training.


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Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies

It is our conviction that a ship is only as good as the crew who sail her and accordingly, Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies (SIMS) was established with an aim at developing a pool of high calibre seafarers trained at all levels to work in the increasingly demanding shipping industry.

Both the Post-Sea Facility in Mumbai and the Pre-Sea Training Campus in Lonavala are committed to providing an outstanding maritime training opportunity to Indians that is over and above the international mandatory standards.


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Maharashtra Academy of Naval Education and Training

MAEER’s Maharashtra Academy of Naval Education and Training more popularly known as MANET was founded in 2001 in the MIT, Kothrud Campus to train Cadets to join the Merchant Navy. MANET shifted to Rajbaug, Loni-Kalbhor in 2004.MANET is approved by Directorate General of Shipping (DG Shipping), Ministry of Shipping, Government of India.

MANET offers two streams of curriculum: 4 years B.Tech. (Marine Engineering) and 3 years B.Sc. (Nautical Science).MANET has been awarded A+ (Outstanding) rating during the Comprehensive Inspection Programme (CIP) initiated by DG Shipping, Govt. of India. The audit was conducted by Indian Register of Shipping (IRS).MANET has also been approved by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Government of Japan. This allows Cadets from MANET to work on board Japanese flagged ships.


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Training Ship Rahaman

This Maritime Training facility had its beginnings in the year 1910. It was also the time when the indigenous and fledgling mercantile marine of the country was experiencing a shortage of trained Deck hands and officers. This inspired Late Haji Ismail Yusuf, Proprietor of Bombay Steam Navigation Company to establish a Marine School as a charitable institution at Rashid Mansion, Worli Point, Bombay as a debt of gratitude to the seafaring community who had served bravely and loyally on the Company's ships.

The purpose was also to encourage the orphans and sons of the seafaring community, irrespective of cast, creed or religion to follow in the footsteps of their forefathers.


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