100 different MBA project topic ideas

Posted on December 30, 2016, 01.30 PM

The MBA programme is designed to broaden the business acumen and sharpen the analytical skills of the students.

In the final year students persuing MBA has to do a project to get their degrees.

Here is the list of 100 different topics which helps to plan for your MBA project

1. Foreign exchange practices & hedging tools used by software industry
2. A Comparative Analysis of Balanced Fund Scheme of Mutual Fund
3. An analytical study on the volatility of securities traded on BSE sensex
4. Analysis of Foreign Currency Funding Option
5. A study on the security analysis for selecting the appropriate security through analyzing economy and industry
6. A study on demat and online trading in secondary market
7. Analytical study of Derivatives
8. A study on Impact of NPAâ„¢s On Profitability & Liquidity In Banking Industry
9. Non performing assets
10. Perception on mutual funds in Bangalore
11. To establish and carry on business of banking in any part of India or outside India.
12. Role of financial institutions in financing SSIS
13. Study on the role of financial institutions in providing housing loans to middle income group in Bangalore city
14. Budgeting
15. A study of deposit mobilization with reference to nationalized banks
16. Indian capital market
17. A study on foreign exchange funding option
18. Currency correlation and variability as hedging tool an analytical study of their relationship
19. Pre-banking development software analysis and operations credentials
20. Impact of inflation and GDP on stock market returns in India
21. Co-operative banks & their working capital
22. The Financial Performance Evaluation
23. Instrument
24. Volatility analysis of pharmaceutical scripâ„¢s
25. Demat: online trading & its safety
26. Fundamental & Financial Analysis Of Fund Management
27. Brand Loyalty of Cigarette Smokers in Bangalore
28. Study on the rule of financial institution in providing housing rule to middle income groups
29. Trend Analysis of Pharmaceutical with reference to B.S.E (Bombay Stock Exchange) During July-November 2005
30. Impact of electronic advertising on purchasing decision
31. A study of deposit mobilization with reference to Nationalised banks
32. Sensitivity analysis of stocks in information technology, cement and automobile sectors
33. Current scenario of derivatives market in India
34. Developing and measuring the Developing and measuring the performance of portfolio based on risk and return
35. An analytical study on Impact of FDI in Industrial Development in India
36. Creating of an application regarding wealth management
37. Analysis of investorâ„¢s perception about mid-cap investment and mid-cap sector
38. A study on option strategies in derivative market
39. A Research On Strategies for retaining employees in call centers
40. Risk Management With Financial Derivatives
41. Portfolio Analysis Of Banking Sectors
42. Study of financial planning among IT professionals in Bangalore
43. Technical Analysis of BSE IT sector index and investorâ„¢s perspective towards IT stocks
44. Crm and Foreign banks
45. Working capital and ratio analysis at Modern Collections pvt ltd.,
46. Budget and budgetary control system at KPCL
47. Financial analysis at BEML
48. Working capital management at Med Reich
49. A study on financial analysis of HDFC bank
50. HDFC standard life
51. Performance analysis of growth oriented income fund with special reference to HSBC asset management India pvt ltd
52. A report on augmenting asset liability management practices at Canara bank
53. Working capital management at 3m India limited, Bangalore
54. Working capital management a case study of the kerala electrical and allied engineering co. limited, cochin
55. An analysis of NPA in commercial banks with special reference to Dhanalakshmi bank limited
56. A comparative study on invest shield life of ICICI with other insurance companies
57. A study on risks, opportunities and hedging process in commodities market with reference to Reymount Commodities Pvt Ltd
58. A Study On The Analysis Of Risk And Return Towards Mutual Fund Schemes In Forutne Advisory Services, Business Partner Of Reliance Money
59. Analysis of working capital management of Karnataka soaps & detergents limited, Bangalore
60. Inventory control and its management at KS&DL
61. A Study On The Impact Of Labour Welfare Measures in Rubco Group
62. Lending loans and advances ,position of various advances problem faced by SBM bank.
63. Financial assistance by KSFC to small and medium enterprises
64. An analysis of the performance of the golden harvest scheme (a study conducted for Tanishq)
65. The title of the study is “loans and recoveries” at Bharat co¬operative bank (Mumbai) limited.
66. Financial analysis of page apparels MFT pvt ltd, Bangalore
67. Mobilisation of funds in insurance industry with reference to HDFC standard life.
68. Financial aspects and its operations with reference to Rhino Resins pvt. Ltd
69. A comparative study on the credit parameters used for lending housing finance in HDFC with other major players in the industry
70. A report on estimation of working capital requirement (prepared on behalf of Crux information system (p) ltd)
71. Evaluation of financial performance of Fairmate chemicals private limited
72. Investors prospective towards mutual fund scheme at Franklin Templeton global funds
73. A study on credit management (a study conducted at Abu Dhabi commercial bank)
74. Customer Satisfaction Towards J&K Bank With Special Refrence To Jamia Qadeem Sopore Branch
75. Working capital management towards MSR motors pvt ltd
76. Budgeting and budgetary control – systems & procedures, a study made at BEL- Bangalore
77. Financial analysis-a case study of Southern Power Equipment Company Limited, Bangalore.
78. Cost analysis in wockhardt hospital
79. a study of working capital management in bank of India
80. Financial ratio analysis of Travancore cements ltd. (TCL), Kottayam
81. Financial analysis-a case study of Spec Ltd
82. Credit management” at Amanath co-operative bank
83. Welfare amenities to bank employees. (a study conducted at Canara bank, H.O, Bangalore)
84. A study report of ratio analysis, at Balaji enterprises
85. A Study on Geojit Financial Services Ltd
86. A study on changing business profile of Karnataka state financial corporation
87. A study on credit management of state bank of Travancore
88. Financial statement analysis for effective financial control a project study conducted at Mysore Sales International Limited at hire-purchase division (MSIL)
89. Mergers and acquisition of banking industry with specific reference to Bank of Madura Ltd
90. Performance of mutual funds under the global environment A case study conducted in HDFC
91. Financial performance of Sudarshan Telecom
92. Investment options for investors in mutual funds for Kotak
93. Financial performance analysis of the Urban co-operative bank ltd. Jaipur
94. study on car funding conducted with reference to Apeejay finance
95. Inventory control & management at SSA(Sri Sri Ayurveda)
96. Study the growth of Vijaya bank & evaluate the financial performance of Vijaya bank
97. The management of non performing assets in the Canara bankâ„¢s loan portfolio
98. Working capital management of Blue star
99. Working Capital Management in SAI AGRO INDUSTRIES
100. Financial performance analysis of Hindustan lever limited







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